Foursquare’s New Business App

By January 31, 2013Social Media

Foursquare just released a new business app that allows business owners to activate and deactivate deals/specials, post local updates, view recent visitors and their tips, and track analytics. The app also allows business owners to manage multiple locations and post updates to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

While there appears to be many limitations with this new app (for now) – specials must still be created on a computer and the app is only able to manage a few different physical locations – Foursquare for Business is still a major move for the company, as it lets managers take better control of their business on the social network.

-The Next Web

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This new app will help business owners play a more active role in managing their online presence on the social network. For more info on how to use the app, check out this page in Foursquare’s Help Center.

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